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About us

Hi there! My name is Hazel Moran, founder of Moran Creative and a web designer with a passion for the outdoors and the environment. I grew up in the stunning NW Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by a family of mountaineers and geographers who instilled in me a deep love and respect for nature. My life experiences have given me a unique perspective on adventure, nature, and the environment, which I bring to every project I work on.

In my twenties, I moved from the Highlands to Edinburgh and began a career as a people and office manager in start-ups which gave me great insight into business (and human nature). In 2019, I started to work remotely for small to medium-sized businesses, allowing me the freedom to travel explore the world. 5 years later, I have settled back in Scotland in the beautiful Cairngorm National Park, in my experience, Scotland and it's beauty calls you back every time!

In my free time, I serve as the Director of Communications for a charitable foundation that supports young individuals who face obstacles in exploring wild places and adventure in the mountains.

A decade ago, I created my first website for my dad's mountaineering business. He had a functioning website but it lacked style, clarity, and accessibility, making it difficult for him to update himself and understand his target audience. Motivated to help, I explored various website creation platforms and taught myself how to design websites that allow full user control without the hefty fees and poor user experience. I fell in love with the creativity of web design and the impact it can have on businesses and their customers. After over ten years of learning and experimenting in my spare time, Moran Creative has now become my full-time passion.

The outdoor industry resonates with me on a personal level as I have been immersed in the world of mountains and nature since I was born. Working within this field feels like a natural progression for me. I find the stories, values, and meaning behind the projects I work on to be immensely captivating, making my work effortless. With such an inspirational subject matter, coupled with thoughtful design, the possibilities are endless.

I'm always excited to take on new challenges and projects, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact through my work. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about my story, I can't wait to hear yours!

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